學術報告:Multiple particles interaction in finite volume

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報告題目:Multiple particles interaction in finite volume

報告人:郭鵬(California State University

報告時間:2019710日 (周三)上午1000



One of the outstanding but challenging goals in nuclear/hadron physics is to understand the dynamics of particle interaction. Multiple particle dynamics is not only important to nuclear/hadron physics, but also plays a crucial role in astrophysics, atomic and condensed matter physics, such as recently observed Efimov states in cold atoms experiment. As a first principle calculation approach, lattice QCD provides an unprecedented opportunity for the study of multiple particle interaction from the heart of hadrons with quarks and gluons as fundamental building blocks. Recent advances in lattice computations have made the study of hadron interaction possible. However, because lattice QCD is formulated in Euclidean space,   access to scattering information is not direct. That adds some additional complication in multiple particle studies in lattice QCD. Developing the theoretical framework of study of few-body dynamics on lattice QCD has been highly demanded in recent years. In this talk, I will give a brief report on the recent development on variational approach to few-body dynamics in finite volume.



Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP) Scholar, UC Santa Barbara, California, 2018-2020

Full-time Physics Lecturer, California State University-Bakers_eld, 2015-Present

Postdoctoral Fellow, Je_erson Lab & Indiana University-Bloomington, 2011-2015

Postdoctoral Fellow, Indiana University-Bloomington, 2009-2011


Ph.D in Hadron and Computational Physics, Indiana University-Bloomington, U.S.A, 2009.

Ph.D thesis: Quarkonium Hybrid Spectrum in Coulomb Gauge QCD

Supervisor: Prof. Adam P. Szczepaniak

Masters of Physics, Nankai University, P.R.China, 2004.

Supervisor: Prof. Xue-Qian Li

Bachelor of Physics, Xinjiang University, P.R.China, 2000.

邀請人:杜一劍 副教授

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