學術報告:Wide Binaries in Gaia DR2

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報告題目:Wide Binaries in Gaia DR2

報告人:田海俊 副教授(三峽大學理學院)

報告時間:2019927 日(周五)下午3:00



Gaia, a cornerstone mission of the European Space Agency (ESA), delivered its second release (Gaia DR2) on April 25 2018. More than 1.3 billion stars in the Milk Way were measured the precise positions, proper motions, parallaxes and colors in Gaia DR2. These parameters are vital observational pieces to choose wide binaries within a large volume.

It has long been recognized that wide binaries provide a powerful tracer of the Galactic gravitational potential on small scales as well as useful constraints for studies of the star formation process. We recently compiled such a catalog including more than 800 thousands of wide binary candidates from Gaia DR2. With this sample, we carry out several scientific applications: 1) The Separation Distribution of Ultra-Wide Binaries Varies across Galactic Populations; 2) Discovery of an equal-mass “twin” binary population reaching 1000+ AU separations; 3) Precise ages of field stars from dwarf companions.

In this talk, I will overview these works in brief.


田海俊,副教授,曾連續三年入選LAMOST Fellow,三峽大學“151”學術帶頭人,德國馬克思普朗克天文所(MPIA)訪問學者。近年研究興趣主要包括:恒星運動學統計、自行測量、銀河系結構與演化等。主持國家自然基金三項,參與國家重點基金一項,主持湖北省重點基金一項(省杰青年基金),其他課題五項,發表學術論文20余篇,文章被引120余次。現任三峽大學理學院副院長、天文與空間科學研究中心執行主任,湖北省天文學會理事。

邀請人:范錫龍 研究員

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