學術報告:How to get published in the journal Nanophotonics

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報告題目:How to get published in the journal Nanophotonics

人:Dennis Couwenberg (Publishing Editor of Nanophotonics)




In this talk I will give a short overview on what we value at the journal Nanophotonics (ISI 2018 Impact factor: 6.9). Nanophotonics was founded by Prof. Federico Capasso (Harvard University) and me in 2011, with the aim on publishing highly innovative research and allowing for publishing science with a high level of integrity and transparency. In addition, a summary of core values and guidelines will be provided.


Drs Ing. Dennis Couwenberg studied medicinal chemistry at the Free University in Amsterdam. After his masters and engineering degree in chemistry, he worked for a short period in research before spending most of his career working in science publishing. Managing and setting up scientific journals and books at Elsevier, Wiley&Sons and DeGruyter. He has been responsible of about a about a dozen journals and published many books. He has managed journals as Optics Communications, Progress in Quantum Electronics, Organic Electronics, and books as Progress in Optics. In 2007 he was asked by Wiley&Sons to set up the journal Laser&Photonics Reviews with founding editor and Nobel Laureate Theodore Hanch, which he did for 5 years and the journal has reached an ISI IF of 9.4. In 2011, he initiated the journal Nanophotonics (with founding editor Prof Federico Capasso).

邀請人:張順平 副教授

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