學術報告:Structural Modulation: from long-range order to short-range order

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報告題目:Structural Modulation: from long-range order to short-range order

報告人: 葛炳輝 教授(Center of Electron Microscopy, Institutes of Physical Science and Information Technology, Anhui University




Solid-state materials usually can be divided into two categories from the point of view of ordering: crystalline and amorphous. In crystalline materials atoms align in a periodic order, but for amorphous structures atoms lack a long-range order, while between crystalline and amorphous, quasicrystals are ordered but not periodic. Here, I will introduce two types of interesting materials: for one of them, it (incommensurate modulated structure) looks same as the crystals in the diffraction pattern, but it is not periodic in reality, in the 3-dimensional space; for the other one, it looks periodic in the real space, but in the diffraction pattern diffuse bands (short-range order) coexist with the diffraction spots.  


Director of Center of Electron Miscopy in Anhui University. His research mainly focuses on electron crystallography, theory of image contrast and imaging, and applications on thermoelectric materials, catalysts and alloys. He published 2 book chapters and more than 60 papers, including UltramicroscopyMicroscopyAdvanced MaterialsJACSAngewandteNature CommunicationsNature Energy, JouleEES, etc. In 2018, he was listed in the "2018 Nature Index Rising Star ".

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