學術報告:Metallic states in twisted graphene bilayer

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報告題目:Metallic states in twisted graphene bilayer

報告人:喬振華 教授(中國科學技術大學合肥微尺度物質科學國家研究中心).




In this talk, I will briefly introduce our recent progress in exploring the electronic transport properties of a triangular network of topological conducting channels that can be materialized in marginally twisted bilayer graphene under a perpendicular electric field.We will first show the current partition rules for a single network node, and then we show that the topological network exhibits metallic property, and near the charge neutrality point the transport depends on the orientation and geometry, resulting in quantized transport that is robust against weak disorder in nanoribbon geometries with sawtooth domain wall edges, while the finite size effect opens a gap for trident edged ribbons.


Zhenhua Qiao obtained his B.S. degree in 2005 from Shanxi University and his Ph. D degree in 2009 from University of Hong Kong. He did 4 years postdoc at the University of Texas at Austin. Then, he joined the Department of Physics, USTC. Prof. Qiao focuses on mesoscopic electronic transport in low-dimensional systems and topological properties of materials. He has published 61 papers, including Nature, Nature Nano, PRL, with a citation of over 3000 times.

邀請人:袁聲軍 教授

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